Rolls of industrial metal sheet lubricated with MagiesolRolls of industrial metal sheet lubricated with Magiesol


Calumet MAGIESOL Aluminium rolling oils
High performing solvents for the Aluminium Industry

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    Excellent Performance and Lubrication Characteristics 

    The high molecular weights of Calumets MAGIESOL rolling oils ensure higher heat capacities and provide a more stable long-term operational production.

    Its excellent flash points and low vapor pressures ensure a safer product for operations. The combination of low aromatics and high solvency provides a low-odor clean process.

    Film thickness, a critical parameter for efficient rolling operation, is optimally achieved by the molecular weight similarities between MAGIESOLS and modern lubrication additives thereby optimizing elastohydrodynamic lubrication.


    Pressure vs Viscosity Performance 

    All oils show an increase in viscosity as pressure increases in the process. The stability of MAGIESOL oils enables them to perform optimally as pressure increases and allow a predictable level of viscosity management.

    Three coloured graph showing MAGIESOLs Pressure vs Viscosity Performance Three coloured graph showing MAGIESOLs Pressure vs Viscosity Performance

    Magiesol Key Features


    Flavor performance is a critical parameter for certain rolling oil applications. Trace amounts of oxidation products can lead to
    poor flavor performance in aluminum products. All rolling oils leave a residue on a finished surface even after acid washing. To ensure ongoing flavor performance of our materials, MAGIESOLS are routinely tested and accepted by a major brewery for use as a suitable aluminum rolling oil.

    Oxidation Resistance 

    The formation of off-flavor compounds has been attributed to the oxidation of the rolling oil into compounds containing carbonyl groups such as aldehydes and ketones. While these materials are formed from any rolling oil, they are most often produced from performance additives such as alcohols and esters (1,2). Anti-oxidants, such as BHT, can effectively control the formation of these oxidation products. It has been shown, however, that using severely hydrotreated oils such as MAGIESOLS can resist the buildup of carbonyl compounds
    over twice as long as the normal paraffin materials (1).


    Stain formation in aluminum production is a processing problem related to oxidation. Stain, although difficult to measure, is most commonly measured in milligrams of weight gain per millimeter of oil used. When compared to distillates and normal paraffin’s, the tight boiling ranges of MAGIESOL rolling oils provide superior oxidation performance to inhibit stain formation.

    Magiesol Typical Properties

    illustration of large table showing Magiesol Typical Propertiesillustration of large table showing Magiesol Typical Properties