Shiny metal spindles treated with chemicals
Metal Treatment
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Univar Solutions offers an extensive range of chemicals and services to support a wide array of metal treatment application. 

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    Metal Treatment Chemicals & Solutions

    Innovative, Safe and Sustainable

    Supporting a wide range of applications, our comprehensive chemicals portfolio includes Acids, Alkalis, Biocides, Silicones, Solvents & Surfactants.

    We combine a wide range of high-quality products, an extensive distribution network & market-leading service levels.

    Through our deep & long-standing supplier relationships, we can source the most in-demand products when others struggle to do so. We also offer a flexible, bespoke approach to Toll Manufacturing with four designated sites across Europe.

    Supported by key Partners, we pride ourselves on providing Innovative, Safe & Sustainable solutions to our Metal Treatment Customers.

    Large Metal Treated nuts and bolts in a pattern and being held Large Metal Treated nuts and bolts in a pattern and being held

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