four images that show multiple skin and haircare products four images that show multiple skin and haircare products

For decades silicones have functioned as a keystone ingredient in beauty and personal care applications as an ideal solution for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, and sun care. Highly valued for their abundance, versatility, and star performance in formulations, silicones have a long list of unique and combined benefits to prove they enhance other ingredients and their end products. Simply put, silicones are the ultimate chemistry multitasker.

Despite many documented advantages in the lab and on the production line, silicones also have a mixed reputation, and misinformation surrounds this product family. Brands formulating new product lines or updating existing ones must navigate how to meet consumer demands for more naturally derived options while also leveraging the safe and proven use of silicones, whose product efficacy is backed by science and data.

As the industry shapes the future of beauty, the innovation race is on. Suppliers are innovating to bring both naturally derived and tried and true synthetic products to consumer shelves. Product makers seek to fulfill the clean beauty trend with safe and creative advances in formulations, processing, and packaging, with the circular economy in mind. Dow and Univar Solutions ingredient specialists are on the front lines to bring clarity and insight to formulating with silicones sustainably while balancing advances in today's leading technologies.

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Download FAQs about Formulating with Silicones

Our technical specialists in Paris and Essen answer frequently asked questions about formulating with this "tried and true" technology, addressing how they function in formulations to make materials work better and how they perform as an essential ingredient.